hamilton & adams 1776…

…where all flags are made in the usa from durable fabrics, so you can fly your flag with pride.

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Our Flags

All of our embroidered flags are crafted from heavyweight nylon, featuring a durability like no other, so you can rest easy that Old Glory will endure heavy rain, strong winds, and the blazing summer sun.

Our Roots

As a former Army Paratrooper, the American flag bears significant meaning to me and my family. We believe it is of the utmost importance that all Americans fly flags made in the USA and support freedom and respect for all that fight and have fought in our country’s name.

Our Mission

is to provide all Americans with the best quality flags made for Americans by Americans, to honor those that have moved on, and to respect those that continue the fight. Love, honor and justice should never discriminate and the symbol of our national pride should never fade.